World Yoga Teacher Training

World Yoga Teacher Training

500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training YTTC Course Overview

This yoga training is a combination of 200 hr. YTTC and 300 hr. YTTC yoga teacher training. This program is the perfect choice for those beginner level students who wish to finish both basic 200hr Yoga Teacher Training and Advanced 300 hr yoga teacher training at once.

The aim is to provide a holistic understanding of yoga, so you / Get your path as a successful yoga teacher in turn.

In This Program You Learn: 200 hours Yoga Teacher training

In This Program You Learn: 300 hours Yoga Teacher training

Yoga Therapy: Yoga asanas can help cure many common diseases. In this module, students are taught an introduction to the anatomy and pathology of the most common health problems.

Asana: Yogic postures comprise three hours from the daily routine.

Yoga Anatomy: Students learn anatomy and physiology relating to yoga. Philosophy: This course prepares students for the reading and understanding of Patanjali Yoga Sutras before. Every Friday, students will lead a discussion about what they have learned to reflect.

Pranayama, yoga breathing, Yoga Nidra and chanting: Students learn techniques to vital energy to open canters in the body, simultaneously with the skills to be learned, to teach their own students later.

Yoga Teacher Training Includes:

Yoga Teacher Training Course Price Range & Duration

100 hours – 13 to 15 Days – Basic training Price:          

From 750 € up to 2,225

200 hours – 26 to 30 Days – Basic Training Price:               

From 1,450 € up to 2,775

300 hours – 40 to 45 Days – Advanced Price:

From1,850 € up to 3,175 €

500 hours – 65 to 75 – Basic + Advanced Price:

From 3,300 € up to 4,675 €

* Trainee could choose desired groups or individual classes.
** Prices vary according to quality of services, facilities & individual preferences.                                                                                                                          ***Above Price are As per India and South Asian Countries, For western countries like Germany, France, UK, Australia, and USA prices are 30 to 60% higher. 


Most of the time good good yoga schools are high on student’s wish list.Therefore it is always better to reserve your place 4 month in advance. For more information send us a personal Message.


Our yoga and Ayurveda students mostly following these certification, depends upon the course and the institution the join.

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We offer all styles of yoga teacher training that you prefer such as (Classical Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Sivananda Yoga, Kriya Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, Iyengar Yoga, Tantra Yoga, Raj Yoga, Bhakti Yoga ).

Here are the list of Yoga Teacher training courses students can avail from us.

Hatha Yoga Teacher Training

Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training

Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training

Ashtanga/Raj Yoga Teacher Training

Sivananda Yoga Teacher Training

Iyengar Yoga Teacher Training

Tibetan Yoga Teacher Training

Samkhya Yoga Teacher Training

Laya Yoga Teacher Training

Bhakti Yoga Teacher Training

Tantra Yoga Teacher Training

Advaita Vedanta/gyan Yoga Teacher Training