World Yoga Teacher Training

World Yoga Teacher Training


Women and teachers together are the base of any prosperous and healthy society. As long as these two important pillars remain weak so will be the society. It is our belief by empowering women and teacher, we will be able to provide peaceful, joyful society for our upcoming generation. Our belief is one world one nation, our religion is humanism. That is why “yoga teacher training” service is not just a business for us instead it is our personal vision.


You are not only going to be experienced with the world’s best yoga teacher training also get to know many amazing people from the yoga world.

Our support

All the member of world yoga teacher training family get life long support from us, we help them setting up yoga or wellness centres at their home town, we conducts live workshop to promote their centres. Also send them all the books and study materials related to yoga and Ayurveda. 

We help world yoga family members with advance studies for further developments and growth. Also if students needs anything for their yoga schools or wellness centres from India, we give them full support arranging things like Yoga mats, Mantra malas, Yantras, Panchakarma, massage table, essential oils etc.

Plus all of our Students gets free website from us for their Yoga schools and Wellness centres, only they need to care of the basic minimum cost. Our students get also the guidance and support for online marketing.

Finally we support our students with organising Yoga and wellness retreats in India and south east Asian countries.     


1. Body gets purified by *WATER & YOGA* 2. Breath gets purified by *PRAANAAYAM* 3. Mind gets purified  by *MEDITATION*
4. Intellect gets purified by *Spiritual KNOWLEDGE* 5. Memory gets purified by *MANAN & CHINTAN*
6. Ego gets purified by *SEVA (SERVICE)* 7. Self gets purified by *SILENCE (MAUN)*
8. Food gets purified by *POSITIVE THOUGHTS*(While cooking & eating)
9. Wealth gets purified by *GIVING/DONATING*10.Feelings gets purified


Our yoga and Ayurveda students mostly following these certification, depends upon the course and the institution the join.