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Today in western world everybody is familiar with the word YOGA. However, there are noticeable differences in practicing yoga between western world and India. Many people in the west are not able to get full advantage of yoga. Benefits of yoga goes much far beyond anybody’s imagination.

In the west physical aspect of yoga is much more popular, yoga is being considered more of sporting activity. There is strong need of well qualified teachers who could bring out the true aspect of yoga. On top hundreds of yoga teacher training centers are coming up every day, claiming to be best; both in India and in west. Students who wants to be yoga teacher are in the stage of confusion in the process of choosing right yoga schools for certified yoga teacher training course.

To become a yoga teacher is one of the most important decisions of student life. It involves lot of courage, dedication, money and time. There it is important to have good start, further qualities of the yoga teacher training schools determines the quality of Yoga instructors or teachers.

As a Yogi my heart beat went down and tears started falling from eyes to see at one side there are lots of people taking deep interest in Yoga and spirituality, ready to do something good for the humanity and on the other side it is not easy to find out the right yoga teacher training schools.

Consciousness kept on asking me, why shouldn’t I help them? I have the ability, I come from a Spiritual family, I could provide them the right guidance.

That is how the idea of “World Yoga Teacher Training” has come to existence. Today “world Yoga Teacher Training” not only running its own Yoga school at Rishikesh, also associated with 9 Yoga teacher training Schools in India at various locations.

Our teaching programs include all forms of Yoga like Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, Iyengar Yoga, Sivananda Yoga, Raja yoga, Bhakti Yoga, Tantra Yoga, Clasical yoga etc.

Around 1620 yoga teacher training students are getting graduated through these schools each year. Since our mission is to create world class yoga teachers therefore after the completion of yoga teacher training program, we are always there to support our students whenever they need us.

Also, we care for our students future planning by helping them in organizing yoga wellness retreats in India, finding job as a yoga teacher in India as well as abroad.



1. Body gets purified by *WATER & YOGA* 2. Breath gets purified by *PRAANAAYAM* 3. Mind gets purified  by *MEDITATION*
4. Intellect gets purified by *Spiritual KNOWLEDGE* 5. Memory gets purified by *MANAN & CHINTAN*
6. Ego gets purified by *SEVA (SERVICE)* 7. Self gets purified by *SILENCE (MAUN)*
8. Food gets purified by *POSITIVE THOUGHTS*(While cooking & eating)
9. Wealth gets purified by *GIVING/DONATING*10.Feelings gets purified

Graduation day

500 hours Yoga teacher training international students are collection their beautiful memories after  completion of the course. 

Opening ceremony

Yoga teacher training group picture at the opening ceremony along with Indian yoga gurus and teachers . 


We are committed to provide you the World's best yoga teacher training Yoga teacher training experience mainly in India and the world´s most popular yoga destinations.


Here you find all the necessary information about your Yoga teacher training. On request, we can customize the program according to your wishes. All our Yoga schools are internationally recognized by the Yoga Alliance.


If you still have questions, we are happy to advise you. We respond to all your wishes. We are happy to have personal interview with you over Skype in order to understand your need better.


✔ Individual care

✔ Life changing experience

✔ Best guidance and support before and after

✔ 99% student satisfaction

✔ years of experience

✔ Complete transformation


✔ World’s best yoga teacher training

✔ Individual service

✔ We know our job

✔ High quality

✔ Always reachable

Why our students get the worlds best yoga teaching experience

Before we choose any yoga schools for our students we make sure the following criteria must be fulfilled.


25% Yoga teacher training depends upon the experience of the yoga teacher.


25% Yoga teacher training depends upon the location and positive environment of the yoga schools.


25% Yoga teacher training depends upon the seriousness of the other yoga students.


Rest 25% depends upon your seriousness, openness and willingness to learn yoga teacher training.

Numbers Speak

Our clients comes all across the world mainly from Europe, Germany,  America, Australia, Canada and Japan.

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Years of Experience

Swami Krishana has now more than 15 years of experience helping out international yoga students, lovers and practitioner.  

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Yoga Students and Clients

We get successful helped more than 3700 yoga students and yoga lovers, connecting them with world´s best yoga schools and teachers. 

Programs & Training's

Our programs included yoga teacher trainings of all kinds of authentic yoga teacher training, meditation courses, sound healing and Ayurveda courses and wellness retreats.

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Most of the time good good yoga schools are high on student’s wish list.Therefore it is always better to reserve your place 4 month in advance. For more information send us a personal Message.


Our yoga and Ayurveda students mostly following these certification, depends upon the course and the institution the join.

Dive in the World Of Health & Fitness

Here are the list of Yoga Teacher training courses students can avail from us.

Hatha Yoga Teacher Training

Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training

Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training

Ashtanga/Raj Yoga Teacher Training

Sivananda Yoga Teacher Training

Iyengar Yoga Teacher Training

Tibetan Yoga Teacher Training

Samkhya Yoga Teacher Training

Laya Yoga Teacher Training

Bhakti Yoga Teacher Training

Tantra Yoga Teacher Training

Advaita Vedanta/gyan Yoga Teacher Training